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About Rebecca

Director of Growing Gently Psychology

Registered Psychologist

Board - Approved Supervisor


Photo credit: Brushtail Photography

Rebecca Cefai is the Director of Growing Gently Psychology. Rebecca is a Psychologist working in the Blue Mountains, NSW.


Rebecca has a passion for working parents in regards to their mental health and wellbeing, and parenting.


Rebecca has worked with children and families for over 10 years in a range of roles including as an educator in out of school hours care, school counsellor, supporting playgroups, group program facilitator, early childhood intervention therapist, and assessor. Rebecca has worked extensively with children with developmental delay and disabilities and is a strong advocate for the inclusion of all children across all settings including childcare, education, community, and mental health services.

After becoming a mother herself, Rebecca was confronted with the myriad of misinformation and conflicting advice surrounding  parenthood.

Rebecca reflects...

"Even years of study and work as a psychologist could not shield me from the maze of information that surrounds parenting. So much of the science that was in the back of my mind, along with my own instincts, was shoved backwards by feelings of inadequacy as a newborn mother. I feel for parents. Regardless of our prior experiences, parenting is hard. The tonne of conflicting advice makes it hard to align what we do to what type of parent we want to be. "

Rebecca established Growing Gently Psychology in an effort to support parents in a way which doesn't dictate how they should parent, but empowers them to make their own parenting decisions which are informed, mindful, compassionate, and value aligned.

Rebecca adopts a gentle, neurodiversity-affirming approach to perinatal mental health, parenting and child development which combines the latest scientific evidence in neurodevelopment and attachment theory, with responsive parenting, acceptance-commitment therapy, compassion-focused therapy, and mindfulness.

Rebecca was trained in Neuroprotective Developmental Care with the Possums Clinic in 2021.  Rebecca is experienced in supporting infants and their families with sleep and unsettled infant behaviour and offers parents alternatives to mainstream sleep training practices.  Rebecca focuses on providing parents information about the neurobiology of sleep and sensory systems, encouraging responsive parenting and attachment practices, and supporting parental self-care and wellbeing

Through Growing Gently Psychology Rebecca also aims to educate other psychologists and professionals about the gentle approach to parenting and development.


Rebecca will be on maternity leave from November 2023. Please re-check the website and Growing Gently Psychology's social media platforms to be informed about when she will be resume providing individual therapy.

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