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Are you a psychologist who is pregnant, on parental leave or in the early years of parenting?


Are you finding it hard to balance work and CPD commitments with family life?


Are you pondering your return to work or a transition to a new role since becoming a parent?


Are you wanting to connect with like-minded parents?

Individual Supervision
I offer individual clinical supervision via telehealth. 
This option suits you if you would like support to 
Set your own individual professional goals  and develop a "return to work" or "growing" plan.

Explore your professional identity as you grow in your parenting role.

Explore different psychological perspectives and topics from the lens of a psychologist and reflect on how this plays out in their role as parent. This includes but is not limited to, attachment theory, emotional regulation and discipline.
Transition into a new role working with children and families.

Reflect on complex client cases.

I offer a reduced rate for ongoing supervision. For ongoing supervision, my rate is $200 for a 50 minute session. If you are looking for Ad Hoc supervision, I charge the APS recommended fee.


There is growing acceptance that becoming a parent is a transition involving exceptional physical, emotional, social and mental change. This transitioning of becoming a parent is often described using terms such as as “matrescence”. Similar to adolescence it is a time of considerable neural growth and is an opportunity for integration of new values and meaning. Hence for many parents, their identity and values change.

When you work as a psychologist, counsellor, social worker or in another helping professional, so much of who you are goes into your work. Hence, the transition of parenthood requires you to not only only navigate new ways of being with people in your personal life, but also in your professional life. The pushing and pulling of becoming a parent gets diluted in your professional role.


Your knowledge and experiences in your professional role, also shape your new identity as a parent. Learning how to integrate your identities can support you to thrive.


If you work with children or parents, you often need to grapple with the reality of how applying your clinical knowledge in everyday life which is definitely easier said than done!


When it’s time, you must navigate how to return back to work and how to meet the physical and emotional requirements of your role.


And did I mention the constant "holding space". You are constantly holding space for others. At work, you hold space for your clients. At home, you hold space for your family.


You must create new a new work-life balance. Work enough to be present for your clients, but not too much that you cannot be present for your family.


With the new you might come new ideas of how you want to work therapeutically. But the learning and growing involved seems too time-consuming, as your life is already busy with the competing demands of parenthood.

If this resonates with you, I want to share with you how I can support you on this journey.

I currently have 3 offerings for you...

Peer Supervision Groups

The Psych Parents Peer Supervision Groups are held monthly via ZOOM and are aimed at supporting mental health professionals  their transition to parenthood by providing a space where psychologists can:


Share their experience of parenthood as parents and mental health professionals, including the challenges and benefits.


Explore different psychological perspectives and topics from the lens of a psychologist and reflect on how this plays out in their role as parent. This includes but is not limited to, attachment theory, emotional regulation and discipline.


Connect with their needs as parents and mental health professionals and explore how to bring self-care and self-compassion into our professional and personal life.


Explore how their experience of parenthood shapes the work they do as a mental health professional.


Groups are capped at 8 participants so to provide ample time and opportunity for all participants to share and reflect on their experiences and professional practice.

Psych Parents Peer Supervision Groups are currently paused whilst Rebecca is on maternity leave.

Sign up to the mailing list below to be the first to here about upcoming drop-in (ad hoc supervision sessions) and when bookings for the next round of regular peer supervision groups open.


Professional Development Series

The Psych Parents Professional Development Series is coming! It will include over 20 hours of live CPD to support you in your journey where your professional and personal roles intersect

Explore how the emotional, neural and social transition to parenthood can influence your professional identity.


Learn about how the context in which you parent influences our experiences in and out of therapy.


Reflect on how you can work with clients in the same life stage as you.


Discover how to overcome the challenges of applying your clinical knowledge and skills in your role as parent.


Find how to be authentic in your parenting and professional roles.


Navigate how to thrive emotionally when you are constantly holding space for your clients and your family.


Design a new work-life balance through setting new boundaries and learning new ways of relating. 

If you do not want to miss out on being the first to know when registrations open,  express your interest by clicking on the link below.

All my offerings are designed to be family friendly. This means trackies and pyjamas are welcome. You can have your little one/s in the background or foreground. You can move around the house as needed, breastfeed, eat, multitask etc. This is so it is as manageable for everyone to attend as possible – There is no need to make things harder in our already busy lives!

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