Clinical Supervision

Rebecca provides supervision to registered psychologists, other health professionals and teachers via telehealth or face to face appointments.

Rebecca seeks to empower you as a professional; encouraging you to reflect on your current practices, expand your knowledge and skills, strive towards your professional goals, and nurture yourself on the journey. Rebecca’s approach is collaborative and flexible depending on what you would like to get from supervision.

Some clinical areas where Rebecca provides support include:

  • Best practice in early childhood intervention (supporting children with developmental delays and disabilities)

  • Supporting emotions and behaviours in childhood

  • Positive and gentle parenting

  • Supporting autistic children and those with developmental delay, Intellectual Disability, ADHD, and anxiety disorders.

  • Including children with additional needs in group and educational settings

  • Supporting and collaborating with parents and carers of children with disabilities

Rebecca is a strong believer in supporting psychologists to develop a professional identity which integrates their personal identity with their profession, so they can work within their values and become truly authentic in their practice.

Rebecca will support you in cultivating self-care and self-compassion to sustain you in your caring role.

Rebecca can also assist you in making brave decisions about your professional future through career counselling.

As Rebecca is not yet a board-approved supervisor, she can not accept supervision requests from provisional psychologists, interns, or psychology registrars at this time.

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Are you a psychologist who is pregnant, on parental leave or in the early years of parenting?


Are you finding it hard to balance work and CPD commitments with family life?


Are you pondering your return to work or a transition to a new role since becoming a parent?


Are you wanting to connect with like-minded parents?

I have specifically designed family-friendly supervision and professional development.