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Neurodivergent parents and those parents parenting a neurodivergent child...




These cards came right out of my own heart as a neurodivergent mother and psychologist, parenting a neurodivergent child.


As a psychologist, they are what I remind the parents of neurodivergent kids I support, so they can reframe their child’s neurodivergent behaviours and experiences, and build their confidence in their parenting.


As a mother, they are what I need to remind myself on a daily basis. They are how I am changing and evolving as a parent.


These cards are designed to be used as reminders of what to work towards embodying. They are not designed to be used as some set of idealistic expectations that glare back at us when we fall short.


Some cards will directly appeal to parents in neurodivergent families, whilst others can be shared with kids as well, so they too can learn how to grow up authentically and unapologetically themselves.


Families can display them around their home to prompt a neuroaffirming family culture.


If you feel like you are trying to ““keep up” with other families without success, these cards are for you.


If you are wanting your kids to learn to honour their neurodivergent needs, these cards are for you.


If you want to support your kids to create a positive self-identity, these cards are for you.

Pre-order: Neurodivergent Parenting Cards (HARD COPY)

Expected shipping by end of July
  • Therapists that support parents can utilise the cards in therapy sessions to support parents to reflect on their parenting, support their child's neurodivergence, model unmasking behaviours, and move away from neurotypical norms and expectations.

    Therapists can use the cards in a variety of ways such as laying the cards out and having clients chose cards they want to learn more about, having clients flick through the deck and chose things they want to embody, and having clients pick out the parenting prompts they would like to prioritise in therapy.

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