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Growing Gently Parenting Cards are a deck of 24 cards that feature prompts to remind parents of how they can parent in a way that is informed, mindful, compassionate and value driven. They are designed to empower parents to be gentle, not only to their children, but to themselves, so they can be confident in their parenting role, enjoy parenthood and grow with their child.

If you have been following Growing Gently Psychology for a while, take home some parenting inspiration that you have been enjoying for the past few years.

If you are new here, welcome to a place where we celebrate a gentle approach to infant and child development and parenting, which combines the latest evidence in neurodevelopment and attachment theory, with responsive parenting, acceptance-commitment therapy, and self-compassion.

Learn more about the cards, what they mean and how to use them by following Growing Gently Psychology on social media!

Pre-order: Growing Gently Parenting Cards (HARD COPY)

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Expected shipping by end of July
  • Therapists that support parents can utilise the cards in therapy sessions to support parents to reflect on their parenting, parent more mindfully, shift their mindset,  cultivates self-compassion and self-care, and nurture their child's emotions alongside their own.

    Therapists can use the cards in a variety of ways such as laying the cards out and having clients chose cards they want to learn more about, having clients flick through the deck and chose things they want to embody, and having clients pick out the parenting prompts they would like to prioritise in therapy.

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