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Parent Webinars

Pre-recorded Webinars

One of the biggest challenges for modern day parents is finding time during their busy day to connect with their child so to nurture their relationship and keep their child emotionally regulated. Parents can often feel burdened by advice that encourages extended periods of play and one-on-one time.

This webinar explores how parents can accrue micro-moments of connection throughout their busy day to create confident and connected children and more present and calm parents.

If you are ready to

Put the joy back into your daily routines
Keep connected with your child when completing housework and errands
Find time to fill up your child’s emotional cup
Take back control over the peace in your day


then this webinar is for you!

The webinar runs for 2-hours.
Access to the recording and handout is $49 

Suitable for:
Parents and carers of children under 10 years old who want to nurture the relationship they have with their child and integrate mindful moments of connection into their busy day.
Professionals working with children and families may also be interested so they can connect with the children they support or pass on their knowledge to parents.

What the webinar covers?
The power of connecting with your child
15 scripts for connecting with your child during your busy day
Permission to experiment with micro-connections and find the ones that work best for you and your child/ren.


The webinar is for educational purposes only. Attending the webinar does not constitute a therapy relationship and the advice given is general in nature and does not take into consideration your unique experiences or circumstances. Please contact a registered health professional for individual advice.

How do I access the webinar?

1. Click on the link below and you will be asked to sign into the Growing Gently Psychology Moodle Cloud. If have previous signed in or have been provided with log in details, please enter your log in details. If you have not accessed the Growing Gently Psychology Moodle Cloud before, you will have to make an account.

2. Once you have logged into Growing Gently Psychology Moodle Cloud, enrol in the Putting Joy into your Daily Routines Webinar.

3. Pay through PayPal

4. You will then receive immediate access to the recording and the handout

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