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A Neurodiversity Affirming Approach


A neurodiversity affirming approach means we will:


Encourage parents to be responsive to their child’s diverse needs.


Support parents to discover ways both their needs and the needs of their child can be met at once.


Guide parents to understand how their baby/child responds to the different environments and routines the experience, and change them to suit their child, rather than change their baby/child to suit the environment and routine.


Be aware of the diversity of how individuals experience and express emotions.


Not suggest one-sized fit all strategies to dial your baby/child down, instead will we take the time to understand a baby/child’s sensory preferences and how they experience different types of sensory input.


Reject universal lists of “baby cues” that disregard the diverse way babies communicate.


Understand the unique difficulties neurodivergent parents may face when parenting their young child and managing sleep and cry-fuss behaviours.

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