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Do you have a very wakeful or unsettled baby?

Or perhaps you are finding it hard to adjust to normal infant sleep?

If you are finding it hard to cope but do not want to sleep train, there is another way…

Growing Gently Psychology offers infant and toddler sleep support that combines the latest research on neurobiology, attachment, child development, and infant and parental mental health.

Sleep support is offered by Rebecca, the director of Growing Gently Psychology. Rebecca first studied sleep science, attachment and child development through her study of psychology at a university level. Rebecca has also completed further training and is a Neuroprotective Developmental Care (NDC) practitioner with the Possums Clinic, hence has studied the Possums sleep program and Gestalt breastfeeding. The Possums sleep program is an alternative to sleep training. It works with a child’s biological sleep rhythms and finds ways to make daytimes more enjoyable for families and night times more manageable. Further, it protects attachment and an infant's mental health through encouraging and supporting responsive parenting.

Rebecca has also completed training in Compassion Focused Therapy, mindfulness and play therapy and combines these approaches into her sleep support to ensure parents are holistically supported and well-equipped to deal with the challenges of early parenting.

Sleep support is available via three modes of support depending on your needs and budget.




Choose from two carefully designed packages which are individually altered to meet your family's needs. Live support is delivered via telehealth or home visits.



Access our sleep and mental health support and connect with other families with similar sleep experiences.

The Growing Gently Village

Join us at our monthly meet ups via a casual or annual membership. Receive information about sleep,  responsive parenting and self-care.

How do I know if the More Than Sleep approach will work for me?

The approach will not work for you if...

You want a miracle fix.

You want to be given a fixed, one-sized-fits-all set of strategies or schedule.

You measure success as your baby sleeping through the night.

You believe that children need to be sleep trained or left to cry it out.

The approach may work for you if...

You want to avoid sleep training.

You want to learn more about sleep science and your child’s neurobiology.

You want to find what works best for your child and your family.

You want to learn ways to regulate your own thoughts and emotions linked with infant sleep and crying.


A Neurodiversity Affirming Approach

We embrace and support neurodiverse parents and children.