Podcast Appearances

The Matrescence Podcast


Gentle Parenting 

Rebecca is interviewed by Kelly and Bree from the Matrescence podcast. Rebecca, Kelly and Bree discuss gentle parenting, what to do when you are not on the same page as your partner and how to make a repair when you get it wrong as a parent.

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The Tired Mummy Podcast

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Preparing for parenthood, tools to cope with unchangeable situations

We tackle the big question... can you prepare for parenthood?

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The Beyond Sleep Training Project

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Rebecca's sleep story

Psychologist, Rebecca Cefai on her wakeful little sparkler, her experience with a sleep consultant, and how she shut out the noise to find their own rhythm

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Bare in Mind

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Self-care for parents

Rebecca is interviewed by Dr Alexis Bare to share her thoughts and ideas about what self-care is, why it is important, and how parents can integrate self-care into their busy lives.

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Rebecca has contributed to the following published articles:

In this article written by Amy Potter and published by Officeworks, Rebecca shares some practical ways for parents to help their little learners at home.